Tips for Positive Reinforcement and Positive Results

By: Flipping Education
Flipping Education

It’s not easy to teach young children, get their attention, explain what to do and get them organized to participate. These tips will help all teachers have positive results in class.

  1. Explain stations WHILE you demonstrate them. Don’t waste words (they probably aren’t listening anyway).
  2. Set the tone for good attempts by praising those who are catching on right away. The ones who are not paying attention will gravitate towards receiving praise as well.
  3. Children tend to misbehave if left to their own devices. Keep them busy. A good teacher always has a back up plan. Dead time standing in a line or listening to instructions can create behavior issues. Keep them moving!
  4. When you have a situation where you have to reinforce your rules for behavior or safety, Get down on the student’s level, look him/her in the eyes and maintain eye contact. Use a lower tone, firm voice. Holding their hand or touching them can help calm a over zealous child.
  5. Make your class a team. Show them how you will work together to take your turns, accomplish your stations, give everyone a High 5, sticker or stamp when they show teamwork, cooperation, and good effort.
  6. Send home a “good job” note to parents. This goes a long way. Getting mail, praise, and good vibes from the teacher creates self esteem and makes them proud of their efforts.
  7. Be sure and give “legitimate” praise for a specific effort, skill, or accomplishment. Let them know how and why you are proud of them, not just a continual “good job.”
  8. Finger plays are great at any time of the day to get wiggles out and to release pent-up energy, and to keep children active and interested while waiting.

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